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An audiologist is the most qualified professional to provide competent hearing aid evaluations and fittings. Audiologists hold masters or doctoral degrees from accredited universities with special training in the prevention, identification, assessment, and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders. Our licensed and certified audiologists–Alyssa Acquavita, Au.D., Alexandra Cortese, Au.D., Jody L. Eddy, M.S., Mark A. Lisi, Au.D., Erikka Resendiz, Au.D.–are knowledgeable about a wide variety of hearing aids and assistive listening devices (ALDs).  We dispense several types and styles of hearing aids ranging from basic to premium level digital technology from a wide variety of manufacturers. Our audiologists are here to assist you in selecting the best hearing aid(s) for your hearing loss to ensure that they are meeting your individual needs.

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Product Options

There are various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that you can choose from when picking out hearing aids. At your hearing aid evaluation, you and your audiologist will sit down and discuss which style is best for your hearing needs as well as what cosmetically appeals to your unique style.

Here are the options available to you:

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